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Many years ago, my brother and I would play on the floor with everything from action figures, to army soldiers, hot wheels cars, wooden building blocks, and drawn paper figurines.  We would build cities and destroy them.  Over time, the themes would get repetitive.  My brother Kirk and I would both be these wealthy multi-billionaires who would drive the enemy armies away from the city (after the city was destroyed of course).  We would play in different eras from Medieval to present day so our respective countries "Kirkland" and "Brianland" evolved, along with their histories. 

A few years back, I began compiling stories- especially in the areas that didn't involve Kirkland so much.  Our planet is about twice the size of earth, and rotates about twice as fast so it's still a 24 hour day, 365.25 day year.  Wildlife and plant life and temperature are basically identical to earth's, except a few minor species may be different.  Humans consist of the same ethnic races as they do on earth, although the nationality names are different because the nations are different altogether- and no other intelligent hominoid races exist except humans.  The only difference is that a very tiny percentage has been blessed with long life, like the Elves in the Lord of the Rings, commonly called the "immortals."  This would be me, my brother and a few others of course as we led everything from chariots to tanks into battle- we had to have an explanation as to why!  There are probably some 300 nations altogether on this earth-like planet.  Languages are the same but they may go by different names.  It's a cross between a fictitious world and an alternative or parallel universe, and I am not sure which it would be closer to.  Essentially, its an earth-like planet dominated by normal humans living with early 21st century technology; cars, guns, jet planes, computers, cell phones, fast food restaurants, social media and shopping malls.  It's really only a fictitious world because the countries, geography and political history are all different- and the "immortal" factor. 

In any case, here is a list of a few of the predominant countries involved in my current stories;

Kirkland- A wealthy English speaking, predominately Caucasian country that has been around since the bronze age.  This politically right-of-center nation is home to around a billion people and has been a global superpower for the last few thousand years.  Culturally anglo-western in heritage, the constitutional monarchy values economic freedom, traditional family roles, and a benevolent, stable political order.  Much like America, it has military bases and outposts all over the world in fighting terrorism and third world cronyism.  Needless to say, it is my brother Kirk who wears the crown of this empire =P (Razz)

Brianland- A confederacy of 35 rural states situated on a continent an ocean away from Kirkland.  The continent is about the size of modern Russia with a population of around 65 million.  Economically and politically libertarian, the Brianese people enjoy prosperity with virtually no taxes or national regulation.  99% white Caucasian, the country is culturally country-western with farms, cowboy hats, hunting and a near 100% household gun ownership rate.  Few large cities abound and these hold little to no political or social sway over the rural areas; hip hop, rap, r&b, tattoos or unconventional body piercings would be unheard of. Despite a non-interventionist foreign policy, Brianland has universal conscription for a state militia system that somewhat resembles Switzerland or Israel or the American Colonies a the time of the American Revolution. The emphasis on Judaeo-Christian family values in Brianland would be nearly identical to Kirkland.  Brianland and Kirkland also have a mutual defense pact together, the one glaring exception to Brianland's longstanding libertarian foreign policy. Brianland is the one country on earth where a machine gun buyer has to go legal formality whatsoever before taking possession of his over the counter purchase.  :m4: 

The Peoples Republic of Gorgon- A Russian speaking communist superpower that resembles the old Soviet Union but has become more economically flexible like Communist China in order to compete with the west.  Gorgon has a rapidly growing population which is fast approaching two billion people, which live under a "progressive" socialist state where one has limited economic freedom and virtually no political freedom of speech or religion.  Most people live in the sprawling big cities of this officially atheist country, and work in the factories or other state-controlled industries. Kirkland's arch rival, Gorgon has a massive military consisting of Mig29 jets, T-90 tanks, AN-94 and AK-74M assault rifles and Nuclear ICBMs.  Gorgon's military manpower is estimated to be in the tens of millions, who are indoctrinated all through grammar school in military art and socialist thought. In addition, Gorgon has large numbers of third world allies and satellite states to back it up in case of a World War.

WWT: Pershing Tank (Moving) WWT: Pershing Tank (Moving) WWT: Pershing Tank (Moving) WWT: Pershing Tank (Moving)  

Farristan- A rather small Arabic country known for sponsoring terrorists like Kashmir Omar Bradley (how we came up with that name, I DON'T know!!!).  It's leaders are hotheads, and Gorgon is happy to use them as cannon fodder in their quest for global Geo-political domination.  It's military is a pathetic rustpile of old Communist bloc equipment but that dosen't stop them from trying to develop numerous super weapons in secret.  EVIL Laughter! 

Valena- A Hispanic Spanish-speaking nation on the continent just south of Brianland.  Valena is on the northeastern tip of this continent and is only a few hundred miles away from Brianland itself.  A medium sized country, Valena is rich in oil and has managed to work it's way up to being a developed first world country.  While not as wealthy as Brianland or Kirkland, the people enjoy a basic quality of life.  Family and traditional values are revered in this mostly conservative Roman Catholic country, which crushed a Marxist uprising back in the 1980s.  Valena is a popular tourist destination for Brianese people, as well as being a key Brianese friend and ally in the region. palm tree icon TTOCI 1 GIF 

The Republic of Reimar-   An English speaking, traditionally Caucasian nation along the southern east coast on the same continent as Valena.  About the geographic size of Kansas, Reimar is divided into 5 states plus the capital district of Columbia.  Reimar is also very divided along cultural and political lines of traditional conservatives and "progressive" liberals, with the left-wing slowly gaining the upper hand.  Bad trade deals and corrupt government regulation involving crony corporatism have left Reimarians with a declining economy.   :broke:   Culturally, Reimarians are blue collar union workers or small business owners who pride themselves on hard work and community status with their friends and neighbors.  Despite stricter gun laws, hunting remains popular in the rural areas.  The inner cities of Columbia, Greenfield and Bosisco are slowly turning into ghetto slums on welfare where many blacks and immigrants from third world countries live.  Militarily, Reimar is best known for it's peacekeeping operations in troubled parts of the world though it's military has declined due to penny-pinching politicians who would rather spend the money for other things.  Despite the overall shift to left-of-center politics, Reimar remains nominal allies with Kirkland though relations with Brianland are somewhat cold as of late. 

Sudoia- A poor landlocked Hispanic primarily Spanish-speaking nation just to the west of Reimar.  Best known for drug cartels, rural Marxist uprisings, and a government that will prostitute itself to the highest bidder.  A growing number of illegal immigrants come into Reimar from Sudoia, both criminal gangs and poor people seeking work or handouts alike.  (hmm, where does this sound familiar from? ;) (Wink) ) Over a third of it's citizens and resident aliens live in it's capital of Sudoia City- a cramped run-down slum city of about 6 million people.

The Republic of New Helena- A small coastal country directly to the north of Reimar.  Of Brianese heritage and customs, New Helena is a firm Brianese ally on this continent.  Reimar has spent much effort to try and secretly infiltrate New Helena's government with sympathetic politicians with varying degrees of success, including a mutual defense pact with Reimar which obligated the New Helenian military to go on Reimarian third world peacekeeping missions of no relevance to New Helena's security.  New Helena remains a culturally conservative, rural English-speaking farmland country, nearly all caucasian with few main cities.  While not as libertarian as Brianland, taxes remain low and a gun buyer can still buy any type of firearm he wants without excessive red tape.  However the economy is somewhat hampered by Reimar "stealing the show" on trade deals and corporate favoritism.  This nation of hillbilly rural folk is usually dismissed by affluent Reimarians as "The rednecks to the north with no education or culture."

Domeria- A medium sized country on the west coast of Reimar's continent.  Spanish speaking and of hispanic heritage, the Roman Catholic church is quite strong in this somewhat backwater country.  So strong in fact that the Church is a de-facto theocracy not unlike medieval Europe, but has central economic planning straight out of Karl Marx's playbook.  Free healthcare, free Catholic education, and free food vouchers are guaranteed to all Domerian citizens- but all "excess" personal income is to be handed over to the state for redistribution if a citizen makes more than the allotted annual amount.  There are no corporations or large businesses here, only a few small family owned businesses.  Everything from the hospitals, to the banks to the schools, to the farmland is all owned by the state- or should I say the national Church!  Brianland has long accused the Cardinal of the Domerian Catholic Church of being a secret communist agent, a charge bitterly denounced by Domeria's sympathizers. Perhaps this is because Domeria, which allows only for limited archery and airgun ownership,  has pressed for a worldwide ban on civilian gun ownership at the United Nations.  Domeria even refuses to participate in the shotgun, pistol and rifle target events in the Olympics over "gun violence" and has called free market economics "the worldliness of Satan."  In any case, Brianland and Domeria remain bitter enemies when discussing international policy. 

Callais- An old  French speaking country on a continent about halfway between Gorgon and Kirkland.  Traditionally caucasian, it has seen much third world immigration in recent decades.  A big participant in the United Nations or UN, Callais has consistently lobbied for international standards on everything from water quality, to gay rights, to gun control legislation to global income taxes.  For this, an infuriated libertarian Brianland has not had domestic relations with Callais since around 1980, and Callais' relations with Kirkland have barely been workable- this despite Callais being very popular with socialist-leaning third world countries.  In Callais itself the traditional rural gentry culture has been nearly wiped out with animal rights activists banning most hunting and legal gun ownership being next to impossible.  Socialist, socially very liberal, and secular humanist would describe Callais currently despite a nominal Roman Catholic heritage.  Legal de facto, it is probable that a  woman can walk into a cafe topless in Callais and the cafe owner would have no legal right to force a dress code on her, or make her leave the premises for dress code reasons.  Prostitution, drug use, and public near-nudity are widespread, not only legal but subsidized by the state.

World City- An overcrowded city-state on an island in a temperate semi-tropical environment.  About 55 million people live in squalled neighborhoods ripe with high rise buildings, a skyscraper skyline larger than any on the planet, but a crime rate and drug gang membership ratio straight from the worst ghettos. Most significantly, World City is also home to the United Nations headquarters, several trillion-dollar multinational banks, as well as many other powerful international corporations and lobbying organizations.  Several globalist multi-billionaires have mansions and penthouses here, though the vast majority of residents are  either middle/working class or else in poverty-ridden slums.  The Directors (or "presidents") of World City have a long history of thinking they are somehow supposed to boss the entire planet around and also have a very cozy relationship with the establishment big-wigs at the United Nations.  Despite the high security and centuries old-stability of the international commerce and political landmark areas, many of World City's urban slums are in a near-anarchic state with street gangs fighting over drug turf.  With gun laws that almost make Callais look like Texas, almost no one in World City *legally* owns a gun, and the police are nearly as corrupt as the mafia- leaving much of the city at the mercy of random gang violence.  The city-state's welfare programs are abused to the point of bankruptcy, and their free state healthcare clinics are an unsanitary joke, yet despite all this World City politicians keep proudly insisting that their metropolis is the gold standard for everyone else to follow on policies and programs.


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Brian Hansen
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2005 Graduate of Sterling College in 2005 with an art degree; additionally took graphic design courses at Southeastern Community College in West Burlington IA. Currently doing factory work but working on improving art skills range with hopes of doing it truly professionally sometime. I am currently living in Bel Aire, Kansas (suburb of Wichita) and working at the Coleman plant in the warehouse. My artistic aspirations include doing historical military scenes and scenes from the Bible.

Comics/Graphic novels Traditional or Digitally Colored, Manga or American/DC/Marvel Styled Characters for my stories? 

3 deviants said Manga Styled; digitally colored with photoshop
2 deviants said American Styled; traditionally colored with colored pencil
1 deviant said Dont do comic panels; have instead higher quality illustrations placed about your literary story text
No deviants said Manga styled; traditionally colored with colored pencil
No deviants said Manga Styled; black and white- coloring takes too long
No deviants said American Styled; digitally colored with Photoshop
No deviants said American Styled; black and white; coloring takes too long


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